Watch John Oliver make the case that America is the world’s greatest nuclear threat

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Maybe the world’s biggest nuclear threat isn’t Iran or North Korea but the United States. Watch British comedian John Oliver make the argument on his HBO show:

America has about 4,800 airheads in silos in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. But these missile facilities are run down, poorly managed, and very outdated. One site in Wyoming still uses floppy disks. Another had a crow bar propping up the door designed to protect the hallway leading to the capsule.

john oliver america's nuclear missiles

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Only the very brave, or foolish, are investing in Russia right now

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Russian stocks and bonds are dropping today, as is the ruble. It is difficult to isolate a single factor in the fall, as the threat of tougher US and European sanctions, a stagnating economy, and each new twist in the crisis in Ukraine conspire to weigh on Russian assets.



Today, though, a big factor in the slide is undoubtedly the ruling by an international arbitration court in The Hague, which found Russia liable for a whopping $50 billion in damages for former shareholders of the oil company Yukos. The company was seized by the state in 2004 in a “devious and calculated expropriation,” the court said, with its boss, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, spending a decade in prison.

Rosneft, now the world’s largest listed oil group, picked up most of Yukos’s assets via auction after the firm was forced into bankruptcy by crushing back-tax claims. Rosneft and its chairman…

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Stocks Are Sliding (FDO, DLTR, Z, TRLA, HLF, LOCO, SPX, SPY, QQQ, DIA)

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Boxer Punched

Stocks are lower to start this particularly busy week.

The Dow is down 68 points, the S&P 500 is down 9 points, and the Nasdaq is down 26 points.

The biggest news of the day so far is two notable mergers: Dollar Tree’s deal to acquire Family Dollar and Zillow’s deal to acquire Trulia.

Dollar Tree announced it will acquire Family Dollar for $74.50 per share in a deal that will create a combined company with annual sales of more than $18 billion. The deal comes after activist investor Carl Icahn took a 9.4% stake in Family Dollar and urged the company to seek a sale.

Following the announcement, Dollar Tree shares were up 5% while shares of Family Dollar were up 22%.

Zillow announced it will acquire Trulia in a $3.5 billion all-stock deal that values Trulia at a 25% premium to its closing price on Friday. Last…

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17 Companies With Awesome Perks That Will Make You Jealous

Mark Tuminello:

These people must love going into work every day.

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Google Stockholm Office

While paying for top talent is important, studies consistently show that money isn’t the only thing that makes people happy at work.

The savviest companies today have figured out that offering awesome perks can help them get, and keep, the very best employees.

We’ve found 17 companies thatunderstand the value of rewarding their staff, and do it in some of the coolest ways possible.

Epic Systems gives five-year employees a month-long vacation.

Health care tech company Epic Systems gives employees at least one great reason to stick around ? a month-long paid vacation. Even better: If employees choose to spend their sabbatical in a country they’ve never visited before, Epic will pay for most of the travel costs for the employee and a friend.

Epic’s expansive offices, on a farm outside of Madison, Wisconsin, are another impressive perk. The campus features an Indiana Jones-themed tunnel, a tree-house conference…

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Here’s a novel way to control Android on a projector

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It’s possible to embed Android(s goog) into almost any device these days, and increasingly pocket projectors are shipping with the open-source operating system pre-installed. The problem comes when you realize there isn’t a great way to interact with the touch interface when it’s projected onto a wall. Enter TouchPico, a new Indiegogo campaign offering a product which simulates the touch-screen experience with an infrared stylus.

The magic is in the TouchPico’s infrared pen, which, when pressed onto a surface, outputs an infrared signal that is read by a camera on the front of the projector. This means that users can manipulate the projected screen using the pen like they would a touchscreen device with a finger. The device itself is a pico projector that outputs a 854 x 480 display onto a screen or a wall. Paired with the projector is an Android 4.0 device running on a Rocketchip 1GHz processor…

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The best argument yet for net neutrality comes from Major League Baseball

Mark Tuminello:

Interesting that the MLB would make such a submission.

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Among the more than one million comments about net neutrality received by the US government this year was a submission by… Major League Baseball (MLB).

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently reviewing new rules that could allow internet providers to charge content companies for a more direct connection to customers.  Some big content distributors (most notably, Netflix) have come out hard against these so-called “fast lanes,” arguing that they effectively amount to an internet tax or toll.

But MLB has become an important player in streaming video. As I wrote last month, an offshoot of the league, MLB Advanced Media (or BAM as it’s known in the industry) is now America’s largest distributor of live video on broadband networks.

Earlier this month, BAM quietly submitted its own letter to the FCC, where it was equally scathing about internet fast lanes (hat tip to Multichannel’s John Eggerton). It’s a shame that BAM’s comments have…

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