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Mark Tuminello GoodreadsMark Tuminello keeps an active Goodreads account, where he tracks some of the books he reads.  With Goodreads, users can rate, review, and recommend books.  It’s a must for active readers who want an interactive database of their favorite books and authors.


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Why Is SkyBridge Capital Successful?


SkyBridge Capital’s Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager, Troy Gayeski, sat down with Benzinga to discuss the hedge fund-of-fund’s profound success in recent years.

The  SkyBridge Alternatives conference (SALT) took place in Las Vegas earlier in May.

SkyBridge outperformed the HFRI hedge fund index for the last seven years and this year is no exception. Returning just shy of four percent year-to-date, SkyBridge is still leading the way, outperforming the hedge fund index’s 0.38 percent gain. More to read.

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