Month: July 2014

Here’s a novel way to control Android on a projector


It’s possible to embed Android(s goog) into almost any device these days, and increasingly pocket projectors are shipping with the open-source operating system pre-installed. The problem comes when you realize there isn’t a great way to interact with the touch interface when it’s projected onto a wall. Enter TouchPico, a new Indiegogo campaign offering a product which simulates the touch-screen experience with an infrared stylus.

The magic is in the TouchPico’s infrared pen, which, when pressed onto a surface, outputs an infrared signal that is read by a camera on the front of the projector. This means that users can manipulate the projected screen using the pen like they would a touchscreen device with a finger. The device itself is a pico projector that outputs a 854 x 480 display onto a screen or a wall. Paired with the projector is an Android 4.0 device running on a Rocketchip 1GHz processor…

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