Child Reading Tips…for Adults

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An answer from the social question/answer site Quora was syndicated recently on the Huffington Post (welcome to the 21st Century!) about helping children develop strong reading habits. It turns out, there was a lot of great advice for adults, too!

Turnable pages when reading at night. Light from social devices, sometimes referred to as ‘blue light,’ activates our brains to the detriment of sleep. Paper books still have a use for us humans, for the time being anyway.

Read only so long as interest is maintained. This is great advice. So many people I know will finish reading a book even if they don’t enjoy it. It can feel strange to stop reading a book, even more strange to get rid of it, but why continue if you don’t like it. It’s actually a bad habit that will decrease your enjoyment of reading.

Ask questions. We’ve all been on a reading kick and found ourselves burning through books quickly. Did we really take things in? Did we retain information for longer than a week? Often, the answer is no. If we stop and ask ourselves what exactly is happening, engaging our brain with the material more, we’ll be able to get more enjoyment from reading.

Don’t switch to digital just because it’s cool and new. Don’t stick with paper books because technology annoys you. Give each medium a try and make a rational decision about how you better enjoy reading. Factor in the weight of the device, transport, price, storage, the ability to share, etc.

If you haven’t heard of Quora, it’s a social network where users can ask questions which will be answered by other users. There are a lot of similar sites and networks – what sets Quora apart are three main things. First, the site and app are both very well designed, which attracts more serious users who might not be interested if the design was poor. Second, the content is curated to some degree by a very active staff of administrators. They rephrase questions, adjust tagging, and who knows what else to make sure the site works as a cohesive voice. The experience is much better as a result. The third thing that sets Quora apart is the community, which is devoted, large, and intelligent. This is partly a result of the design and admin work, but there’s also an ethereal stickiness about the site that has generated that minimum amount of activity to keep things interesting. I highly recommend it!


from Mark Tuminello

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