Largest Hedge Funds

mark tuminello top fiveAlthough all hedge funds put together estimate about 3 trillion dollars in assets, a large portion of that money comes from the top five hedge funds.  The biggest hedge funds manage around 1.6 trillion dollars, more than half of the number of assets that every hedge fund put together makes.  The following is a list of the largest hedge funds at the moment:

Number one is JPMorgan Chase through both Highbridge Capital Management and JPMorgan Chase Asset Management.  Although this hedge fund has lost around 9 billion dollars previous years due to funding, the company still makes over 45 billion dollars when it comes to assets.  JPMorgan Chase invests in almost anything – from real estate to arbitrage products.  One of their key mechanisms for gaining such an abundant income is hiring employees who each have different means of investment philosophies and managing styles.

The next two hedge funds with the highest incomes are Farallon Capital Management and Bridgewater Associates.  Though both of these hedge funds are based out of separate coastlines, each of these firms acquire roughly 36 billion dollars in assets.  San Francisco’s Farallon is a top choice for extremely wealthy individuals.  This hedge fund hosts various events which aim to capitalize on investment opportunities, particularly within the housing market.  Connecticut’s Bridgewater Association is exceptionally talented with thriving in emerging markets, currency, commodities, bonds, and equity investments.

Number three on this list of the largest hedge funds is New York’s Renaissance Technologies, who earns 35 billion dollars under their strategic management.  The Medallion Fund is Renaissance Technologies most well-known investment; it averages around 35% in annual returns, charges investors a 5% management fee, and has a 44% performance fee.  This hedge fund uses a global macro strategy when it comes to employment-making decisions, hiring only the top mathematically and scientifically driven individuals, as opposed to more financially consumed ones.

Also out of New York, Och-Ziff Capital Management is the fourth largest hedge fund, gaining around 33 billion dollars in assets.  This hedge fund invests most predominantly in real estate, private equity, and equity restructuring – mostly in foreign-based markets.  Although Och-Ziff Capital Management has experienced a rough time in the 2008 market, they are still rated in the top ranking hedge funds.

Lastly, D.E. Shaw is ranked number five on this list, earning around 32 billion dollars.  This other New York based hedge fund is an expert at buying out companies in trouble while simultaneously developing and financing newer ones.  D.E. Shaw takes pride in their extremely talented math-oriented staff, who use their computer skills to find most all of their market opportunities.

These top six hedge funds prove that online investment locating and hiring intelligent, fast paced employees are key to succeeding in an incredibly competitive market.

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